Every business is built on a strong foundation. Ideals that are woven into its business plan and help to drive it into the future. Blue Ridge Ranch is no different, below is an overview of what Blue Ridge Ranch is about.

Hunting: Large & Small Game

Herd Management- Doe to fawn to buck ratio. Trail cam library. Quality Deer management

Supplemental Feed- Antler max in feed stations. Natural feed in feed stations. Water guzzlers

Harvest- Mature animals. Population density. Number of hunters. Success rate

Land Management

Land Evaluation- First hand tour. Evaluation of habitat. Population density

Habitat Improvements- Feed (natural & supplemental). Bedding areas. Water sources.

Wildlife Management- Sustainable numbers. Harvest plan. Harvest regulations

Shooting Events

Matches- Local events. National matches. Keep the range evolving.

Corporate Events- Weekend retreats. “Days on the Range”. Sponsorship use.

Training- Practical shooting clinics, law enforcement and Youth Days